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Mini FM Practices Survey

Please only complete this survey if you are part of an FM department either in-house or with an FM service provider.
Your confidentiality is important to us. We don't share contact information or your specific survey responses with anyone. Only compiled results will be released.
Thanks for your participation and contribution to knowledge in the FM industry.

Please enter your name (Optional)

Please enter your Email Address (Optional)

If you want to be emailed with the results of this survey, enter your email address here. We will also add you to our mailing list. Be sure to double check your email address.

What is your Facilty Type? *

Please indicate what the majority of your portfolio is made up of.

What is your portfolio Geography? *

Identify the portfolio you are responsible for, whether in an individual building or have responsibilities for an international portfolio. Local would typically be more than one building within a city or town, Regional is several towns, National is across your home country and International would be more than one country.

What is the Size of the Portfolio? *

This should be your total Gross area of your company's portfolio if you know it, otherwise, please use Rentable area. Please exclude any interior or multi-level parking areas.

Please note: The answers are in Sq. Meters first, then converted to Sq. Feet in brackets, so choose carefully.

under 10,000 sq.meters. (under 100k sq.ft.) 10,000 to 20,000 sq.meters. (100K to 200K sq.ft.) 20,000 to 50,000 sq.meters. (200K to 500K sq.ft.) 50,000 to 100,000 sq.meters. (500K to 1M sq.ft.) Over 100,000 sq.meters. (over 1M sq.ft.)
Gross Area (Choose based on Sq.M or Sq. Ft.)

Gross Area (Choose based on Sq.M or Sq. Ft.)

How Many Buildings are in the Portfolio *

This should be the total number of individual buildings that make up the area you indicated above. For a campus, count each separate building.

One Building 2 to 10 buildings 11 to 50 buildings 51 to 100 builidngs Over 100 buildings
Number of Buildings

Number of Buildings

In-House or Outsourced *

Please identify whether management of your portfolio is in-house or outsourced to a third party Facility Management company. If you simply subcontract various services but manage the integrated service delivery, select in-house.

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