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Space & Occupancy Management

Please only complete this survey if you are part of an FM department either in-house or with an FM service provider.
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What is the Size of the Portfolio (in Sq.M or Sq.Ft)? *

This should be the total area of your entire company's portfolio. Please exclude any interior or multi-level parking areas.

Please note: The answers are in Sq. Meters first, then Sq. Feet in brackets, so choose carefully based on whether you use Sq.M or Sq.Ft.

under 10,000 sq.M. (under 100k sq.ft.) 10,000 to 20,000 sq.m. (100K to 200K sq.ft.) 20,000 to 50,000 sq.m. (200K to 500K sq.ft.) 50,000 to 100,000 sq.m. (500K to 1M sq.ft.) Over 100,000 sq.m. (over 1M sq.ft.)
Total Gross Area (Note Sq.M vs. Sq.Ft.)

Total Gross Area (Note Sq.M vs. Sq.Ft.)

How Many Buildings are in the Portfolio?

Please indicate the number of buildings in your entire company's portfolio and the number of buildings in the portfolio you are directly responsible for, even if they are the same.

Single Building 2 to 10 Buildings 11 to 50 Buildings 51 to 100 Buildings Over 100 Buildings
Total Company Number of Buildings
Your Number of Buildings

Total Company Number of Buildings

Your Number of Buildings

How do you Track & Manage your Space? *

What tools do you use to manage your portfolio, if any.

Do you Integrate with HR software or another employee database? *

Integration with HR is usually to capture information about the occupant of the workstation which may include name, employee id, phone number and more which is attached to the physical space they occupy in your software.

What level of Space do you track? *

The level of detail can help you manage and report on space. Identify the smallest level of space or area details you track.

Do you Charge Departments for Space Costs? *

If you calculate your space costs and allocate those costs to the departments who occupy space then chose Yes. This is typically called Chargeback.

How important do you feel the right tools for Space & Occupancy Management are?

If you have Space & Occupancy Management tools, what was the biggest factor that supported the business case?

Have a comment?

This is where you can clarify any of your answers, provide additional information or context or simply leave your thoughts on the topic of space/occupancy management (or any other FM issue).